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    • Take Care of Yourself – And your Eyes (12/8/2023) by Chautauqua Blind Association - Good health is an important part of good vision. The healthier you are, the better chance you have of avoiding risks to your eyes.  Michael V. Landy, OD, says “getting routine eye exams is crucial for detecting vision problems early.  Many diseases are capable of permanent vision loss and blindness but can be prevented when […]
    • CBA Receives Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation Grant (11/21/2023) by Chautauqua Blind Association - CBA Vision Rehabilitation Services received a $2,125 grant from the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation to help meet the operational expenses of the Youth Vision Screening program in north Chautauqua County.  The program has been providing free vision screenings to children ages 3-7 years old since the early 1970s.  CBA’s mission is to enable visually impaired […]
    • Warning Signs of Diabetic Eye Disease (10/31/2023) by Chautauqua Blind Association - “Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of legal blindness in individuals under 65. In the early stages of retinopathy, the vision might not be affected, and you can’t feel it. The only way to detect it early is with a dilated retinal exam. It is recommended to have yearly eye exams. If caught early, there […]
    • CBA Vision Rehab Will Hold a White Cane Awareness Day Walk (9/28/2023) by Chautauqua Blind Association - While White Cane Awareness Day is celebrated internationally on October 15, the local vision rehabilitation and orientation & mobility provider, CBA Vision Rehabilitation Services, will hold a walk on Thursday, October 12 at 5 p.m. at Baker Park in Jamestown.  Baker Park is located across from the CBA office at 510 W. Fifth St.  Parking […]
    • How to Safely Enjoy Wearing Contact Lenses (9/28/2023) by Chautauqua Blind Association - For many people, the vision correction from contact lenses feels more natural compared to glasses. Contact lenses offer the most efficient eyewear solution for athletes and active individuals who enjoy playing sports. Because they sit on the surface of your eyes and move with them, contact lenses provide seamless vision correction. Their benefits extend to […]
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