• Orientation and Mobility

    Orientation and Mobility, commonly referred to as, “O&M” helps individuals with vision loss learn to navigate in their homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods in an efficient and independent manner.

    Orientation is the ability to make a “mental map” of where you are and where you want to go. Mobility is the act of actually getting there. For most of our lives, we apply these skills unconsciously whenever we have somewhere to go. But individuals with vision loss must both develop and learn to apply new orientation and mobility skills. These skills can include walking with a human guide, the use of a long white cane or guide dog, and techniques for utilizing residual vision and other senses.

    Our Orientation and Mobility Specialist teaches the skills and concepts that individuals who are legally blind need to travel independently and efficiently in their home, neighborhood, school and work environments.

    Efficient and independent indoor and outdoor mobility skills, including the use of a long cane, or guide dog will include:

    • Skills for gathering information from their surroundings.
    • Skills for increasing independence in their home.
    • Skills for stairs, avoiding falls, crossing streets, and using public transportation.
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