• Vision Rehabilitation

    Vision Rehabilitation is provided to help those with severe vision loss remain safe, independent and productive. A Vision Rehabilitation Therapist will instruct the individual using techniques and/or adaptive equipment that will assist them with their daily living skills. Training with kitchen, financial tasks, recreational (sewing, games, etc.), medical, and personal needs are all areas that can be addressed. Providing equipment that will assist with magnification for reading is also part of Vision Rehabilitation.

    While Vision Rehabilitation cannot restore lost sight, training by our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists can help maximize any existing sight you have or, if you have no vision, it can equip you with techniques to maintain an independent lifestyle. Vision rehabilitation can enable you to cope with vision loss, travel efficiently, take care of your home, meet your education or career objectives and enjoy leisure activities. Vision Rehabilitation Training can help you continue to be active and involved in the community around you.

    Our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists will provide instruction to individuals who are legally blind and visually impaired in such areas as home and personal management, financial management, orientation both in the home and the community, home maintenance and community resources.

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